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1. What is a Vietnamese visa extension?

Foreigners (NNN) traveling, working, visiting relatives or other purposes in Vietnam need a visa to enter and stay. When the visa expires, if the foreigner still needs to stay in Vietnam, it is necessary to extend the visa.

2. General procedures for visa extension

    Records include:

            - Original Passport

            - Visa withdrawal (if applicable)

            - 02 photos 4x6 white background

            - Form NA5

            - Application for entry into Vietnam

            - Temporary residence registration certified by local police

            - The company's guarantee dossier (if any)

If there are any difficulties during the renewal process, please call us for assistance.

    Working time:

            - Regular work: 5 - 7 working days

            - Urgent: 2 - 3 business days

Note: In case of visa extension is difficult, the time can be up to 10 working days.

3. Issues to consider


Nationality is the most influential factor in the visa extension. If you are an easy citizen, the extension is quick and easy, the extended visa term is longer and the extension is longer. For difficult nationality, the opposite, sometimes refused to extend the visa.

Type of visa

            - Based on the entry visa Visa will have the following types of symbols:

"DL" issued for people entering the tourist;

"DN" issued to people working with enterprises in Vietnam;

"LD" granted to laborers;

"DT" granted to foreign investors in Vietnam and foreign lawyers practicing in Vietnam;

"TT" granted for visiting; and many other types of visas.

            - Depending on the time and the number of visa exits, the following types of visas are available: once a month / several times, once / twice a year, several times a year, several times a year.

The type of visa will affect the deadline, the number of times and the extension.

    Place and date of entry nearest

            - The place of entry is also very important, depending on the entry into Vietnam, the cost and duration of the visa extension is also different. Here are four border gates that NNN often enter Vietnam:

1. Noi Bai Airport - Hanoi

2. Tan Son Nhat Airport - Ho Chi Minh City

3. Moc Bai - Tay Ninh border gate

4. Danang-Danang border gate

            - The last entry date of Vietnam's NNN into Vietnam is the last day that NNN entered Vietnam from abroad into Vietnam for multiple entry visas; The date of issue of a visa for one entry visa. The closer the visa is, the easier it will be to renew your visa and vice versa.


4. Special cases

    Renewal multiple times

Many IUVs in Vietnam have the need to extend their visas several times, but since the second extension, they have encountered problems such as rising costs or refusal to extend and forced exit. In these cases, we always have the best deal for customers quickly, economically and safely.

    Extension of visa to another guarantee company

In some cases, IU is guaranteed by a Vietnamese company to enter Vietnam. However, after that, the company does not continue to provide guarantees for NU. Therefore, NNN will not be able to extend visa and must exit. In this case, we always have the best solving experience for customers quickly, economically and safely.

    Visa extension expires

When the visa expires but NNN still does not exit or have not extended the visa in time, they will certainly have many problems with the Immigration Department of Vietnam. Do not worry too much, we will on behalf of NNN to extend the visa, explanation and fines to the Immigration Department.

Note: The visa expiration amount depends on the time of visa expiration. So NNN needs to expire visa as quickly as possible.

    Resolve the case of lost passport

If they lose their passports in Vietnam, they must quickly do the following:

- Contact the police of Vietnam for intelligence and ask for a document confirming the loss of passport.

- Bring documents confirming the loss of your passport to the embassy of IU in Vietnam, asking them to issue you a new passport and a note verifying their loss of passport.

- Call us, we will extend the visa for you to exit or continue to stay in Vietnam.

    Visa-free entry

For visa exemptions when entering Vietnam, we are still able to extend the visa as normal. So if you want to renew your visa waiver, call us right away.

In particular, some cases of IU being spouses or children of Vietnamese citizens, according to the regulations, are granted visa exemption for 5 years. However, if we have a need to stay in Vietnam for a long time without wanting to renew our visa exemption or exemption period, we can support them for 3 years.

And more information about visa extension in 2017 that NNN in Vietnam needs attention.

For more information, please contact us by email:
And send the following information:

     - Nationality

    - Type of visa and visa badge at the nearest day of entry

    - The border gate and the nearest entry day to Vietnam

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